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L41IS-67SE50L_vERMEYLENt_01Terry is the founder of Terry Vermeylen Enterprises Inc. Terry brings 30+ years of experience in Supply Chain, S&OP, and SAP Process improvement.  He has worked in Planning, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Forecasting issues and performed supplier audits in both North America and Europe. As an SAP professional he has worked and consulted for some of the world’s largest and most successful Aerospace and Pharmaceutical companies as well as the United States Navy. His methodology to improve Business Processes is based on Process Mapping, Data Extraction and disciplined Supply Chain monitoring.  This methodology is simple, straight forward and ensures all participants from executives to shop floor users are aligned and focused towards the same goals. He brings results that drastically improves performance across the supply chain and company financial goals. He also believes that giving people autonomy, the chance to master their skills and purpose, creates a world class performing team.

I have high expectations of you because I have high expectations of myself.

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Terry was a guest speaker at the 2012 and 2013 Logistic and Supply Chain Management Conference In Orlando and Las Vegas. For example, he has presented the following case study on radically optimizing a Supply Chain and S&OP with SAP.

Case study: A look at lean, operational excellence at Pharmascience: Linking supply chain metrics to improvement

Terry Vermeylen, Pharmascience
Find out how a generic, privately held pharmaceutical company is on the way to achieving world-class A Classification based upon the Oliver Wight model of manufacturing excellence. Get an insider’s view on how Pharmascience optimized standard SAP tools and techniques to measure, monitor, and sustain continuous sales and operational improvement from new product development through planning, procurement, and production. Examine the 32 criteria of world-class attainment, and understand the key challenges they faced to achieve their prescribed milestones. Grasp how the executive office was dedicated to reporting on one set of numbers throughout the company as a way to guarantee ongoing success. Examine how each performance metric is dissected, such as service target levels and production plan performance, into measurable steps to gain incremental process improvement. Understand the impacts this initiative had on master data accuracy, lot sizing, long-term planning, and capacity simulation, vendor accountability, and more. Look at how Pharmascience manages critical supply chain decisions and the supporting escalation process when the red flag goes up.

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